Help! Water Damage - Kospet Optimus 2


I tried to revive my all mighty Optimus watch after wearing it running in a light rain, , in order to minimize the possible water damage, I actually flipped the watch to the back side of my wrist when running, but still No Luck! after finishing running, I found the screen was flickering with very low backlight, then it just Died, but I found I can still hear notification sound when charging and other notification sound also can be heard, so that means the watch has Only Dead screen issue, how to DIY fix it myself?
Does Kospet have after sales or repair centre in USA? which city?

The issue is usually around the camera area gap. However once fully dry it may come back to life. I would wait as i have done the same and it has always recovered. Depends how much moisture has got inside it. Be gentle and also take the back off , take a look inside and allow to dry. No to repair centre. Hopefully no corrosion

Thanks for reply,

I used to have similiar experience when my wear OS watch had water damage ,which caused the audio to stop working, no sound, so I Immediately hung it outside for it to dry, then in just a few hours, the issue was gone, and I was lucky to revive it,
But for this Optimus 2, it was night time when I found out phone screen could no longer be turned on, no sunshine to dry it at the time, and also next day I forgot to do any other troubleshooting , and as of today, the screen has been dead for about 1 week, looks like it has to be repaird to be revived.

Have you opened it up ?

No, in fact I just could Not wait to have Google assistant on my wrist, so I have bought a new one today, same model, same model -Optimus 2 with increased 128G storage,