[help] unlocking bootloader and booting into boot.img on LEMFO LEM11

hello, i am trying to root my lem11, but i’m unable to unlock my bootloader because it requires volume buttons so is there any way to unlock it without the volume buttons, i saw that you don’t need to unlock the bootloader on lem8 but when i tried booting into boot.img i got remote: not allowed in locked state.

Developer options enabled? Click build number 7 or so times. Might be able to unlock it from the developer options which should now be in your settings menu. If not:
Since it is a Mediatek 6739 chipset I’d try the command “fastboot oem unlock” from the adb and fastboot commands you can get online. First hook your watch up to your computer, open a command prompt and type “adb devices” and you should see a hex number. Then type “fastboot devices” and you should also see a Hex number shown. There are directions around here for the Kospet Prime and maybe the Rollme S08. For better directions try finding those and I think it will be covered in better detail than I have given here.
NOTE: Unlocking your bootloader will likely wipe all your DATA. So if you have a lot of things and apps setup with data it will be wiped.

Unlocking the bootloader is not needed on the Android 7.1 watches, you just need to flash the twrp recovery image with the Mediatek SPFlashtool.

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i have already did all that, if you read what i said i cannot unlock it not access it…

The question remains, why do you want to unlock it, as it is not needed for rooting ?

i thought i need to because i was trying to install it through adb but i found out i needed to do it through sp flash tool so i succesfully installed TWRP using sp flash tool and now i also installed magisk on device.

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So you are good to go now? I thought it was odd to need the bootloader unlocked but wasn’t familiar with any of the Lemfo watches. Had I known it was the same as Kospet and some others I would have recommended just flashing as member none said.

I’m hoping the new watches on Android 10 can still be rooted and will get TWRP for them.

rooting the android 10 watches should be no problem, but for twrp it’s not that easy because of the super partition. I’ve read about some phones with super partition which has gotten twrp, but then it has been without the ability to modify the system partition. But I guess the twrp guys are still working on supporting the super partitions, so we should get twrp for the android 10 watches someday


@noidremained, I haven’t kept up much on the Android 10 OS. Thanks for your info on that. I don’t quite understand what is important about the “ability to modify the system partition” though? Would that be needed to restore a TWRP backup onto the watch?

I’m wondering too if it will be possible to downgrade Android 10 to 7.1.1 or similar if TWRP does not become available. I’m guessing it might be a problem unless a way is found to overwrite that super partition.

looks like backups should work fine:

whether it would be possible to downgrade to nougat is a bit above my knowledge level

Twrp is available and tested on the LEM 12 pro.
But I can tell you now it’s nothing like A7.1.1.
You can only use magisk modules and take backups in twrp.

Anything else pretty much screws up the verity of A10 and you will have to flash firmware again.

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@pablo11, Can you restore TWRP backups? I’m wondering if the info I used on a phone from the XDA forum might help with the verity issue. This file works to disable DM Verity and force encryption on Android 9 so not sure if it will help but without digging around more I think it may offer some help on that issue:

Not sure if this will work on a Mediatek device. Info is from this message thread which is about getting root and TWRP on Android 9 and 10.

Yes you can restore backup of userdata as far as I know but it is better to ask @none since he posted it and made it.
Magisk system less root is working but it is what it says System-Less so you can’t change system at all.


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