Help required 1st smart watch

I have had a passing interest in smart watches since their introduction, but have always considered them too bulky/ugly/expensive/limited battery life, until I inadvertently stumbled across some interesting models on YT. I now have a Kospet Optimus Pro version 3.3. I don’t have a PC/laptop & no wifi, only a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. I assume this limits what can done on the watch?
I have installed Watch Droid/Universal Launcher &
assistants on phone/watch.
Can I:

  1. Install watch faces
  2. Make watch faces
  3. Update watch software
  4. Use Mobizen Mirroring/Teamviewer
    Please advise how & which, if any, apps I should use to do the above. Which apps can I use for:
  5. Weather
  6. Notes
  7. Keyboard
  8. Email
  9. Anything else essential/useful
    Finally, which watch settings should I change? Reduction of battery drain would be good.
    Many thanks to those that can provide answers.
  1. You can’t use Clockskin transfer, but you can do this the hard way. Watch droid assistant comes with built in file transfer program. You can use your phone to download ZIP clockskin file, then install Archive opener thing on your watch, and copy that to clockskin folder.
  2. Short answer: You can’t. But you can request for watchfaces.

And tip : Get WiFi and PC. With those, your watch becomes more powerful.

Thanks, @TomboyishBoy, but you’ve lost me already. I can usually understand most things, but this computer type stuff continues to baffle me.
I only want the watch for time, in/out phone calls, calendar (no reminders etc), weather notes & maybe incoming emails. Any way to disable/uninstall the fitness functions. It seems I can put apk’s on my phone & transfer them to the watch via bluetooth, which I have done, so far, with a couple of apps.
I will never get wifi! Won’t use it enough to warrant the hassle/cost.
I will will try to muddle my way through.