Help needed on Universal Launcher

I’m new to installing watchfaces. I’ve only been installing native standard watchfaces for my Kospet Hope. Been using Clockskin Transfer. There are many faces I want, specifically using the Universal Launcher. So my questions are this.
-Will I be able to keep all of my current faces installed with the Universal faces?
-Are there instructions on how to install the Universal Launcher.
-Any preparations before installing necessary
Thanks in advance.

Hit the YT channel button and watch tutorials, all is here.

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Thanks, but the first question is unanswered. Will the Universal Launcher not display any of the stock watchfaces that I have currently.

I’m quite sure that you will be able to use all your faces. There are just a few faces for stocklauncher that are using a special trick. This faces won’t run. But you can try it out without any risk.

I installed the Universal Launcher, but could not get my stock watchfaces to properly fit. They only appeared in the low left corner and couldn’t scale it up to fit. Any thoughts?

As always, switch to round zoom mode, and reboot.