[help me kw88 error] 1.Symptom: battery error? OR clock OS error?

[help me kw88 error]
1.Symptom: battery error? OR clock OS error?
1.Intermittent reboot
2.Intermittent off
3.Intermittent Discharge

2.Question: how to fix?
1.change battery?

@zard Ik possible make pictures of the errors or conditions. Then we have a better understanding of your problems.

i’m not capture.
Intermittent problem because it occurs.
i don’t know when whether the problem.

@zard Tell us what you see on the watch… Make photo with camera from watch if you can and post it here

Internittend reboot is a known KW88 problem. Install lates OTA firmware to resolve this.

Build number is 20160801
20160730 is the latest version?


@zard You might take under consideration that we are posting globally and that sometimes people are sleeping while on the other side of the world the sun is shining.
The version you have needs to be updated in order to fix the reboot problem.
Check your watches update function from the menu while you have a working wifi connection.

@zard you are able to get an OTA update (in settings/ about watch/ updates) on this version. It should take you to build 20160903 I think… And don’t forget to factory reset after the update. Always the best thing to do

build number 20160903?
update thx

I have the same problem, it was suddenly.
how can I solve this problem, and where can I buy a new battery.

the kw88 only gives signal if connected to electric current, and always tries to start but without success, the video link with the problem:

help me please.

It sounds to me like your charger pins are not connecting to the watch properly and so your battery is not charging properly