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Why does a 0 appear in my heartbeat that shouldn’t be there?clock skin problem

You have to activate the heartrate sensor in the watchsettings.

the heartbeat sensor is active, but instead of 93 I check 093, why does this 0 come out? sorry for my bad english

Don’t worry about your english. I will download and have a look tomorrow. I think I will found a solution.


thanks, take your time, I can wait, you are all too kind: D

On your heart rate layer. The 8 digit needs to be fixed.

I would just delete the heart rate layer and then recreate it. As it is now there is no 8 png file to display.

I am also interested in, if possible to suppress leading zeros but it may be a stock clock engine and not a WFD issue as WFD removes leading zeros.

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I will have a look later. My idea is to cover the leading zero…

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I look forward to your solution!

@ChristianF Fixed. I covered the leading zero with a 2nd digital heart layer. It only covers the zero, if the heartbeat is 100 or more, the “1” will be displayed. Can’t check this part, because my heart never beats so fast…
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hi, later i try and let you know, in the meantime i wonder if there are any valid fitness apps, gaofit i don’t like, watchdroid i don’t like i had seen veryfit on the playstore which looks interesting but i couldn’t pair it. I’m really satisfied at the moment, this morning I went for a jog, and my wife was wearing her 170 euro fit bit, the only thing I envy him is the app.

What watch are you using ?

hi, at the moment I am using the 1/16 kospet prime S with android 9, thanks to you I was able to put spotify in the background, I did the same with google assistant, but I don’t know if it makes sense, instead with spotify it works at great now. sorry for my bad English

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For fitness you could try this

However i wouldnt have running with other apps open . You could overload and ruin your watch

The red / blue start stop buttons are distorted but work .

Again make sure you allow to run in the background with umlimited data access

but should the app be downloaded on a smartphone or only on kospet?

Only on kospet . Allow all permissions

interesting as an app thanks, but I was looking for a well-made app (even for a fee) to send heart rate and sleep fitness data to my android smartphone, what do you recommend?

Sorry but i do not know of one .

thanks anyway, instead you which apps would you never do without on your smartwatch?

Google drive
Sky news
Google assistant
Package name viewer
My running app

I currently clockskintransfer, spotify and samsung browser (because neither chrome nor stock browser works in square mode)

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