Help me change imie

change imie

Help me.

I bought a kw88 pro
WARNING Difficult to use a common imei at the same time, my SIM card service has been disconnected

I have to change imie,
How do I do it?

Since changing the IMEI is illegal in most countries, we do not provide any assistance on this.
But if you search this forum, you will find one or two clues.


Did you read the post above?

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yes dear
Yes i read

So what should I do now?
The importer company has activated all watches with an imie number and sold them on the market,
Now the Registry Act has just been activated in our country (Iran) and our watches are out
What to do, no one is accountable

As I said: For legal reasons, I can’t help you with that. But you should use the search function to search for articles that have dealt with the topic in the past. You should find some useful tips in the comments.