Help!!!!! kw88 doesn't connect with my phone

I just bought a kw88 and I can’t connect it by bluetooth with my phone (samsung gallaxy note 4). In my phone when use the bluetooth and I select the kw88 to connect a message appears that sais that it’s not posible to do the connection and when I do the same process but from the watch it just doesn’t recognise my phone, so what can I do to connect both and sync my watch with my phone to recive the phone notifications in the watch without a sim card.

What application you use, Sinwear or m2d ?

For anyone still looking for an answer to this question:

Go to “Settings” in the application list. Select “Mobile Assistant”. Scan the QR code in order to download the mobile assistant app which will allow you to connect your phone to the KW88 smartwatch. The app is called WiiWear. Inside WiiWear click on “Scanning Devices” and select your KW88 in order to connect to it. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on both the KW88 and your phone. If you exit WiiWear, you will break the connection.

Hope this helps. If anyone has some more informaton to add that I may have missed, please feel free.