Help i can't make watchfaces touch

I tried to follow the steps of arraytype100 And still I couldn’t manage to create a watchfaces touch:(

My question is, can you put another application like Amazon? The calendar app if I could put it :slight_smile:

PD:I don’t speak much English I hope you understand me <3

Any downloaded app ( and some stock apps ) can have a touch zone implemented into a clockskin .

After you have installed app make sure you get the correct code from Package Name Viewer . Also make sure you input code the right way round ( the correct column )

Have a look inside this clockskin . Inside is a .xml file . Open it and you will see how touch shortcuts should look


most of my touch zone problems are typos.


Thats true . Very easy to mess up


Thank you very much, if I had a mistake in a letter xd
Thank you very much :heart:

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Easily done :+1: