HELP! "Can't connect to this network right now."

I recently purchased the LEMFO LEM X watch.
I want to be able to receive texts on my watch. So I purchased a Sprint nano sim card popped it in. I’m getting a message: “Can’t connect to this network right now. Please try again later”. What’s gong on!?

Where are you located?

I’m in Germantown, Maryland USA

OK good next step…

Your IMEI information is located under…
settings>about watch>status>IMEI information

Sprint may still be on the CDMA network even though they merged with T-Mobile. These watches require a GSM network Sim in the US that is AT&T or T-Mobile or one of their affiliates like Speed Talk that use these networks. I would suggest you try one of these carriers and see what you get. Speed Talk Sim Cards are available on Amazon for as little as $5+ change.

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Little late on the answer but nonetheless correct. His question was 11 months ago :smiley:

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