Hello, where I can find alternative modem file (modem_1_wg_n.img) for this watch ?

where I can find alternative modem file (modem_1_wg_n.img) for this watch ?
I need it for try to solve the network problem and radio freezing after loosing signal on uncovered area (3G and also 2G)

do you think it’s hardware issue or android 4.4 bug like this: https://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=72266

EDIT: I’m sure it’s a bug software…
Another xda user (MAX050) has found a solution thats works great:

  1. open mtk tool - android settings (not mtk settings) - phone info - find IMS registration (My was OFF) swich to ON, exit, reboot watch!
  2. (MY watch is on “GSM Only”) and i installed from play market "ResetWave’ app (I don’t know has this any value)

I specially went into the subway, the elevator, the last level of the parking, all day everything is good. when lost signal, always finds cell again, never fail.

Odd, but I’ve try this setting and seems to work. I put the watch in a metal box and went to the cellar to lose signal. Every time I went back the watch has found the network.

Set your phone to only 2g
Manual search network and select your 2g operator
Install mtk engineering tool
Select android setting
Select phone info
Check/Set gsm only
Set ims activation on
Set sms on ims on

Check if your watch can find network after lose signal and if radio don’t freeze.

you can find the same setting on mobileuncle app.
Engineer mode -> Engineer mode (android) -> phone info

Hi. Have you found the setting ? Did it works also for your watch ?

It actually seems to make the connection much more stable - thanks for this.
You need my version of mobileuncle to get to this menu - I posted it here in the general section.

Yes, it’s more stable, but not 100% reliable. I think there is something relative to android: https://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=72266