Hello to all. I install the apk of Watchface smoothly.

Hello to all.
I install the apk of Watchface smoothly.
However my i2 does not see the installed Watchface.
Am I missing something to install?
Thank you and congratulations on your engagement!

How did you know that I am getting married… :slight_smile:

I’ve the same problem

@AR_82 You’re getting married too?

@Andrew_Davis sorry , I use google translate . I do not speak English

@Andrew_Davis My problem with i2 remains …

I think that apk only works with KW88 :frowning:

@Andrew_Davis sin. :((
You think that to solve in the future ?

People are trying…

I think if you do the root on i2, you can go see the system folders where are the Watchface and make changes to existing (replacing the old ones or to taste) or if there is a list of the same (in an XML or touching some allowed in the appropriate folder) update. however with the root you could also try ad hoc Xposed and maybe set by the bypass for new Watchface them. everything is in laying bare the root folder.

I unfortunately do not have experience in this .
I look with patience. Thank you!

with Root Browser you an see the root folder of the watch but you can’t make changes if the watch is not rooted. does anyone know what folder contains watchfaces ?

@Aramis_Lak sustem/app but you must have root.

Ok, grazie mille.
Allora io essere già perso. :frowning:

OK thank you very much.
Then I would be already lost. :frowning: