Hello to all ! After the last update for my k8 sw,the gsm signal

Hello to all ! After the last update for my k8 sw,the gsm signal is verry weak,inside my home is 0 and outside verry poor . I tried a factory reset but same problem. When receive the watch (new) the signal was decent … please help !!!

K8 mini or the big with AMOLED screen?
With more info we can give you better support.

K8 big whith oled screen.(sorry for my english) thanks verry much.

What is the date of your current version?
You’ll find the details in settings, about …

Baseband version 2015/05/04. I reset the sw two weeks ago (sim card inside) but still the same weak signal.

What else info should i give?

Well, @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 requested you to give the system version, which is the last item in the about menu.

v.s.160104. custom build version

Hmm - well that is the latest version for K8/K18 as far as I know. As long as you haven’t broken the strap in any way - the antenna is in it.
Maybe you should try to flash back to the earlier one. I have a copy here on the forum under the firmware section. Make sure you are familiar with the SP Tools process before you do it though and be sure to make a backup of your NVRAM partition or use MTK tool to backup NVRAM (IMEI) Use the firmware upgrade mode in SP Tools.
After flash perform a factory reset from the watch itself to start fresh.

Please research this process thoroughly before you do it and if you don’t feel comfortable doing it - don’t do it !!

I could be able to do that when somebody show step by step the process,i’m not familiar with what you say, thank you verry much. Waiting for other ideas…

Your oppinion about No.1 D6 …? Mobile signal and battery life ? Thanks.

About D6 - no idea at all.
The information you are looking for regarding flashing firmware is all available on this forum.
Watch these - same process - different watch…

Hello! If my k8 have a broken connection with gsm antenna,someone can show where is the place to check inside the watch. The Finow x5 has a good gsm signal ? Thanks.

Your oppinion please…

@Dan_Plesa Hi Dan, my understanding is that the antennas for these watches are all in the strap. If you carefully remove the back cover you will some wires going out from the circuit board into the strap. Unfortunately I do not know which ones are which from memory but I think it may be marked on the circuit board. I have never had a weak signal from the K8 or the X5 for cellular.

So, in d5 there are no belt replacement because the antenna is in it?

I’m sorry for light offtop

@Tom_K Correct - no strap replacement unless you want to mess around with all the antennas and risk breaking the watch

Hello, receive a no.1 d6 sw (sorry,this is not round),verry good gsm signal,good battery life,good pairing with an earphone…all it’s ok, order another one silver. Thanks.

Anything to do with the D6 is going to be addressed on XDA in the D6 thread over there.
We are keeping this forum for round watches only. Same for the Q1