Hello This is my new watchface. I make it with corel Draw and CSM.

This is my new watchface.
I make it with corel Draw and CSM.
I hope you like it.
Download link:


@Ivica_Cosic Very nice👍

Hi, nice dials, I installed it on my watch but I do not see the date and the weather.??

@Jacek_Bulski could be if the weather outside is below 32° F or 0° C

Thank you. I have kw88, I did not know about it. On other dials, there are also no functions. If I turn off the data transfer, will it be ok?Weather is minus 5 C

It will be once it goes over 0 C. I usually use a face without temp when this happens or when it is above 0 refresh and turn data off so it does not update and affect all weather faces.

Or keep data on just don’t refresh weather if it’s @ or less than 0

I’ll do it this way, thanks a lot

Hi again, you can explain to me why this is the case when the temperature is below zero. Thank you

@Jacek_Bulski for some reason the watch software have issues displaying weather below 32° F and 00 C° I think since the faces are layerd one on top of the other once the error occurred it impacts all the layers after it.

Please use our support forum for questions like this :grinning:. You’ll find the link in our main community discription. Hopefully a fix as well. I am going to see if I can figure something out on my side :+1: