Hello, This is a Rebuild/port with all Stock-faces from KingWear KW88 (I have extracted


This is a Rebuild/port with all Stock-faces from KingWear KW88
(I have extracted the Faces from the KW88 Firmware)

All not working Widgets are deleted or changed to Widgets that works with “Erics Launcher”.

I must some Parts new build,
but i think it is near the Original.

Now all Owner of a KW88 can Change to “zip-faces” without loosing
the Stock-faces.

This Design is not Mine, it is only a Homage to KingWear and the Original Designer of the Faces!

Have Fun :slight_smile:


I think the same!

Too many different styling.
Thats why i write - to the “Original“ Designer :))

Only Face 1, 3 and 5 look like a Original KingWear work

Oh! cool.
However, in the fourth case, the second hand(point) does not move.
Then the 3G antenna is not displayed.

thanks for your feedback.
I have testet now the 4. face.
On my Watch (kw88 with launcher 1.1) the point work.
The 3G antenna is a not working widget, so i must it delete!

What is the Eircs Launcher?
Thanks for the work! +1

@Christian_Barbera Click @Eric_Crochemore <== here
you got Unversal Launcher!

Thank you very much DI DI, you are the best, although some do not like these faces, I found them simpa and now I can put them in the launcher of Eric.
I saw that there were also a number of face-downs in the kw88 as I believe they are not in the proper format. Could you take them out and offer them that would be the best as there are really nice models.
Thank you for your time and continue to offer us beautiful faces as usual.
Good day to you.

Hello alexandre,

I Have the Stock-faces only rebuild as a gift for all kw88 owner, who changed to zip-launcher. It was a hard stupid (10 faces) work. The hidden faces in the firmware are good, but time goes on. The postet faces from the different designer here are fantastic. (I think much better as the hidden faces) I am now working on a other face request. This project takes all my time!

Hi @Di_Di
Can you tell me which WatchFaceMaker you are using?
I just do not understand the xml-only report.

Di Di, I know your a really busy guy but if you ever have some spare time could your produce a simple watch face consisting of ONLY a Background, Preview, Hour, Minute and Second hands for the KW88. Every decompiled APK l have looked at has had multiple layers and i’m looking for one that has just the four basic layers plus preview so l can use it as a template for all my designs. Hopefully all l would need to do is replace all the 400x400 images in the template and rename them. If l had such a template l could produce around 100 new simple watch faces for the KW88. I would be more than happy to credit you with the template on every design and put a link to your G+ account … BR

Its possible,
look now in KW88 Section :slight_smile:

Di Di hello. If you can extract items from firmware is there a chance to find out where the new faces in the new firmware release that you can download from a server are stored? I mean if we find the folder and format of the downloaded faces we may also put our custom there

why some dun have

@Di_Di u got this watch face ?

Good job, I wonder if these faces can be placed in my N01. D5 +?

Maybe you know how to remove the standard face watch? Who knows how on kw 88 to remove the ugly poor face of the screensaver and put the selected face there, it’s very annoying = \

@Dicas_do_DI ​, I have d5+ too. It’s all compatible. I’ll post here 800 watch faces free with a lot beautiful and all useful for our d5+. The next post

Here they are. Have fun… https://youtu.be/ePuBdZA0I6U