Hello, Sorry for the newbie question :

Sorry for the newbie question : is there any “Clock application” running on android (of course) but on anything else than a watch (a phone, a tablet) that could be used to test the clock skins ?
I’d love to test those designs before sharing them !
(I don’t have a watch… yet !)

Hi, you can use mine : https://plus.google.com/108584728070544203539/posts/KFaLg8uFK1j

Thanks for that answer ! I Will try it, that’s for sure ! And you’ll be the first i’ll share my watches as soon as they work ;o) Thank’s again.

Hi Eric Crochemore, I Just post something similar and then saw this other post… Im trying to follow your link but I,ve got a 404 instead. Could you help me with that?

You have to register on the site to access the post.

Sorry but Im also new. Do you mean in Google+? I think Im already register

No, on the site where my post points and where are the APK Real links.