Hello Some may see this in a IQI I2?

Some may see this in a IQI I2?
I change the MAC address when you restart.
Only my watch or in general?

Video https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6TYFuhUkbgQbE5PSUlZZVlMMWliblBQM1o4SHVaZF9waDVr


So are you saying that the mac address changes on every reboot? I don’t have this issue and as far as I remember, you are the first person who does.
What firmware version are you using?

It’s normal on chinese phones. This good for hackers. :smiley:
ZGPAX s8 also change the MAC. Try to give a fix MAC with this. Maybe you need root rights. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cryptotel.chamelemac&hl=hu

@Janos_Csamango yes - this is what you use in those situations. My point here is that this watch - and I have used every firmware version - does not have this issue. So I want to understand why @Rafael_Madakite is having this issue.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 The version is AQR-LAUNCH-I2-V06-20160720
This have answered those IQI I2

Dear Rafael,
One way: reset the watch
Second way: if possible, please set your router to allow the mac address of the watch.
This is a really rare phenomenon. Hope it works at last.

I will restore factory

when faces for our I2? :frowning:

Reset and remains the same. :frowning:

Como haces para que a notificacion del real madrid se vea ahi¿

@Diego_duran Es un tema de la app EasyTouch

se ve genial la voy a mirar la, yo tengo un lem3 pero le instale el firmware del I2, gracias por el dato de la app :wink:

English please people !

@Diego_duran if you install the I2 firmware on the Blitz or Lem 3 you will have big problems. Check out the new forum for more details…

I’m sorry my english is so bad,
I installed the firmware I2 A month ago and everything has been fine in lem3 But I would like to know more! tnks