.................hello no thanks

Make a phone call thru your lemfo x!!! Works guys no need a simcard!! Msg me for details !!! I got it lmao finally

Why not posting your solution? Just wondering…


I’m making a video of how I did it!! I will send you guys the link on YouTube!! Stay tuned

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Really ??? …

Are you talking about voice calling apps that use internet or Bluetooth calling?


Great am very interested, please msg me the details. Kind regards

I’m still sure it’s a Hoax… never heart anything about that from him again.



Why dont you share the “details” to all users see it?
Why only be msg? That way this sounds more like a scam than a discovery…


you are still sharing link??

Can you share solution to make bluetooth call from watch

@turk_turk an’t share it, because it is a hoax. Bluetooth calling doesn’t work on these devices. Just a few Android 5 devices were able to do it, Android 7 and 10- no.

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