Hello! Looking firmware on the X3 -  analogue of D5, but with two buttons.

Hello! Looking firmware on the X3 - analogue of D5, but with two buttons.
On my device, in the menu item “version customized” is written: v.s. 160113, and in the menu “Wireless Update” - ALPS.KK1MP7.V1.2220160113-1036.
When checking the update says that the latest firmware, but have read that there are 160310 …
Tell me pls where to look for the latest firmware for the X3?
Thanks in advance )

You can use the D5 stock firmware update which is here in the firmware section.

that’s for sure? :wink: Thought that might be a problem, because possibly different processors …

and if I can install from the D5, what firmware you can advise? In my device is very weak wifi module sensitivity ((

@iamwayfaring Different processors ?
I don’t understand - I thought you had an X3 watch, which is the same MTK6572 as X1,D5 and K8 Mini ?
X1 firmware version is even newer I think

Please read through the guides available in the firmware section before you do this or you will be very unhappy with the result.

thanks. I understood…

everything work out ok?
Do you need any more help with this?

Hi Jessie, this conversation has just been moderated in the interests of our members. We don’t need to share technically incorrect information which could cause members to take unnecessary action with their devices.

this is why you need to be careful what you write.
I was talking about X1, X3, D5, K9 and K8 mini watches.

Installed w812a_kk.x1.common.72kk.emmc.160414-122116. Lost all installed applications, it had to be restored. And the problem of poor reception module wi-fi did not dare.