Hello Loki! Do you remember my problem?

Hello Loki! Do you remember my problem? The one that have the watch bricked because It is not recognized by any PC and it is stock in the “world globe”…

Well… as Gearbest is not answering my emails I have decided to play with it opening and researching… And…

I got to get into TWRP mode!!

How? Well… Taking out the 2 screws that are inside I have realised that in the button part there are 3 mini buttons

… Touching all 3 at same time I got to enter here

And then touching 2 (don’t remember which) I got to enter in Recovery.

Well… Continuing with my problem. If you remember, I have the d5 firmware inside the SD BUT as a .zip file (here was my problem and fault).

Is there any way to extract the file to flash it?

Thanks so much!!

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Ooooh​:persevere::disappointed: what a pity…

@Lokifish_Marz As in Hardware buttons or software?

Well this ought to be interesting. :slight_smile: