Hello, I would desintaller WatchClockSkin on kw88,

Hello, I would desintaller WatchClockSkin on kw88, I go into Applications Uninstall and when I open WatchclockSkin, the Force Force Shutdown and Uninstall are grayed out so I do not uninstall. Do you have a method for these keys to be accessed again or I need to reset the device. Thank you for your answers.

Use the uninstall button in the 3rd setting screen.

When in the launcher, Swipe down, then 3rd screen.

Thank you Eric, I found it was so simple.

I have another question Eric and it will be all for me how to choose your default launcher on the kw88, I would like the faces of the launcher remain at the default display even when I press the button to turn off the watch .
I uninstall the launcher and reinstall but no option or I made a false manipulation if you can help me because I’ve been tired with it for a few days.

Already answered several time, you have to set “always” when choosing the launcher.

Thanks Eric, in fact, I had to restart the watch to have the option, something that is often forgotten.
Now everything goes as I wanted.

Probably a stupid question so forgive me but if I set “always” and than want to go back to the standard launcher, how do I do that?

@Frans_van_de_Kamp You can uninstall my app then the launcher choice will appear.

Thanks for the reply and although it is a solution, I was hoping that there somehow was an option to choose between them via a setting. (My watch is a Zebra Blitz).
BTW… Thanks for developing this app.

Hello Eric, I managed to do what I wanted, I do not know too much, uninstall twice without the option appear and the third time was the right one.
So, little trouble settled for me. Indeed, a key to reaching this option would be helpful, but hey, it’s always easy to ask for something when you do not even know how to do it.
Thank you for your help.