Hello, i have a no.1 D5 smartwatch and i don't know how to use

Hello, i have a no.1 D5 smartwatch and i don’t know how to use the cam sync with my smartphone (motorola x2 with android 6.0) … can someone help me?

Do you mean remote camera operation to your phone from the watch?
If so - I don’t know of a method except remote apps like SWapp maybe…

Yes, example, in the U8 smartwatch, the cam image is in the smartphone and smartwatch screen and you can take the photo touch the smartwatch screen…

do you have found a way to sync the camera? I would like to know it, too

yep - agree totally - this would be the only way

Hi all. Today the display of my finow x5 started bliking and right now it shows white/black points. Does anyone knows how to fix it ?

Start with a factory reset and if that doesn’t work flash the latest firmware.
Make sure you know what you’re doing before you flash though. Plenty to read up on this.
If this doesn’t work you have a faulty watch :frowning: