Hello guys, your help is highly appreciated.

Hello guys, your help is highly appreciated. I cannot create an APN in the watch. When I create one, and then go back into the list of APNs, the list is empty
Some idea, please?

That’s the issue, on the bottom of APN edition page, there is a “Delete APN” only. Looks like it should save the APN by going back (when I omit the APN name, it notifies me about that when I go back.

Yes, of course, I did…But there is no Save APN…

Yes, correct.
I have K8 mini watch and the versions are the following:
Kernel - 3.4.67
Build number - ALPS.KK1.MP7.V1.22
Custom build version - v.s. 160114
Is this information helpful?

Looks like I solved the issue, maybe helps to somebody else as well. If I change the values of MCC and MNC to values prescribed by the operator, the APN is not saved. But if I simple leave the default values, the APN is saved and the internet is working anyway.
Thanks Lokifish to helping.

The date of that firmware you mentioned above is from the K9. Should be ok for APN adjustment…

Oh, I see you got it sorted anyway :slight_smile:

Tibor k18 órára tudsz valami újabb frissítést 160104 es van fent de ezzel nem lehet telefonálni csak ha van 3G

This might be a stupid question. I own the non-round model of the K8 watch. Does your or any other rom work my watch? Thanks a lot!

the whole rom? No.