hello guys, this is my interpretation of the face of the Back to the

hello guys, this is my interpretation of the face of the Back to the Future films, and the first version, can anyone tell me if the value of the battery is properly inserted into the window? thank you
“Use on eric launcher”

Download V1.0:

Download V2.0: bug number 1 correct.



I will check. With battery happens because clockskin maker is not showing the batt icon. So when you place the array, on watch is off center or even smaller

cool face, thank`s

Very novel, Thanks

awesome work but in my kw88 year is missing

@Siraj_Khan what version of the launcher eric, uses

@Lucian_Adrian_Enache thank’s

Marco Im using stock launcher not Erics

@Alessandro_Limonta credo si un bug di clock skin manager , su Eric launcher L’anno funziona è si vede mentre sul launcher stock di kw88 non si vede… in caso prova a scaricare la faces e fammi sapere se ho sbagliato qualcosa

@Siraj_Khan try to use eric launcher for this moment :slight_smile:

	<centerX>-40</centerX> try

@Siraj_Khan KW88’s stock launcher is buggy/not fully conformant to the standard Clockskin format.

Noted Ciro I will use Erics universal launcher. Thanks

On Universal launcher. I dont like the number 1 at left position. Is horrible.
You can improve this and make a nice background?
missing/deleted image from Google+

@Lucian_Adrian_Enache The position of the number 1 is there by design not due to the launcher.

@Lucian_Adrian_Enache yes yes I I also noticed that the number 1 is different, in the late afternoon, I should publish the correct version, the V2.0 with the number 1 correct and bug fix :slight_smile:

v2.0 download

v2.0 works…

@Ciro_Danise I know. I have seen this before.