Hello guys please help me my no.1 d5 smart get stuck its appear black

Hello guys please help me my no.1 d5 smart get stuck its appear black screen even i restart the watch it still apear black screen i dont know what to do

You’re going to hear people talking about Flashing… my advice in this regard is to research the topic VERY well before you do it… :slight_smile:

@Andrew_Davis thank you so much i hope some expert may help me to my problem

I would recommend unplugging the battery first… And then connecting again… You never know. :wink: … Or did you mean that by saying “restart” then you already did.

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Ill try unplugging ghe battery but the problem i dont know how to open the back metal case even i remove 4pcs bolt

I already unplug the battery connector and wait for a couple of minutes then aftef i plug and start the watch the screen still black

@unEASY_rider Ey up squire… I wondered where you’d gone… :wink:

Flash,just what Andrew said.

Don’t flash the pre-loader and use download only mode in SP tool

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ​ I am starting to like the engineers of the hardware/firmware quite a bit lately (the case designers, not so much). Between my kw88 and no1d6, I have had occasion to flash numerous times. The last time on the kw88, I swear I deselected preloader, but because of the stress cracks on the plastic back, the USB cable wasn’t making contact, so while I fiddled with that and got it working, I came back to flash tool already underway and it flashed 20160931 successfully with the preloader somehow rechecked. I sweated that reboot, but as far as I can tell, no harm done. And after flashing, am able to use the new watchface light app.

Just be sure to check your IMEI number is still there in settings about watch.

good news :slight_smile:

@Andrew_Davis tbf i only come back for you :slight_smile:

@unEASY_rider I sent you an email… :slight_smile:

im gonna check now,like xmas this wooooo

@unEASY_rider https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LMCi8oHkHw

I have same problem with a black screen . YOU have find a solution? THanks

Did you read the posts above? I could have sworn that flashing firmware was mentioned and something about not flashing the pre loader…
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