Hello guys I'm undecided between d5 - k9 - x5 I need a good

Hello guys
I’m undecided between d5 - k9 - x5

I need a good GPS tracking to record in the mountains and then put in the pc the track with various data

and then it works well notifications of call and whatsapp

in all the reviews I read that for notifications there are huge problems !!

  1. what do you recommend?

  2. which will certainly have firmware updates?

  3. I have seen that there is also d5 TWRP … then there are the custom rom that solve the problem ??

  4. one of the three has custom rom?
    thank you all

se ci fosse qualche italiano sarebbe anche meglio

Ciao, io sono italiano, ma qui per correttezza verso gli altri è bene esprimersi in inglese.

  1. I’m sorry but the GPS is not the best feature of any of this watches; none of them is reccommend for this purpose.
  2. They all received firmware updates (by Finow though) few days ago.
  3. TWRP exists for all of them. I personally developed them.
  4. Custom ROM by @Lokifish_Marz exist for D5/X1/K9/X3 but it’s not updated because we are waiting some major fixes to be released in the base ROM.

A disposizione per qualsiasi altra info :wink:

Hi… Sorry you have a mail or Skype or pm or… For question in Italian ? Thankyou

Contattami con Hangout sulla mia pagina Google+

You should consider the Garmin smartwatch if you really need GPS! @Dve_Adsl

sorry but the finow x5 have the function to power on display when rotate hand? thankyou

@Ciro_Danise ciao hai un d5? Ne ho uno anche io volevo chiederti con quali programmi si può interfacciare per attività fisica? Grazie

ciao mi spiace ma non ho un d5…ho ordinato un finow x5 ma deve ancora arrivarmi… mi spiace