Hello guys I'm a new one at smart watches and I have some questions,

Hello guys I’m a new one at smart watches and I have some questions, I’m between the finow x5 and the kingwear kw88 I have an iPhone and I don’t know if these two are going to with my phone, is the android wear app work for those two smartwatches? Will going to be functional with my iPhone?

I use the KW88/IPhone. The companion App (sinwear) and/or the Watch is very unstable with the bluetooth connection. It interups very often. But when it works, you can see at the watch every Push you see on your iphone.

Really? Because some said that it does not support iOS so I was confused…do you suggest me to buy it?

I love my KW88 and i hope in the near future there will come an update. But today!! push doesn´t work good. The Problem is, the watch and/or the Iphone/Sinwear does not connect bluetooth again when the bluetooth one time interrupts.

Have you try to download the android wear app?

No, I 've heard from others that it does not work .

Oh okay, thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:

Does it sent push of messenger Facebook app? And anything else?

Yes and no. When the connection is established, I can up to 10 meters distance myself from the Iphone without it breaks off . But the connection breaks every 10-15 minutes without any reason and does not connect again.