Hello guys, I would like to have your help on USB connection,

Hello guys, I would like to have your help on USB connection, for using MTK toolbox. I installed the drivers as described here, for Win7. When I connect the watch to comp, there is “ding” sound and the Mediatek preloader driver appears in Device manager. But after 2 seconds, there is a “dang” sound and the driver disappears from Device manager. And of course, the watch never appears in MTK tools. May I have your advice, what is wrong?

Try removing the USB Driver then reinstall them

I tried it more times. The issue is that it appears in Device manager for so short time, that you could not delete it so fast…
But what I also tried is installing the driver on completely clean Win installation… :frowning:

Try a different USB port, if you are plugged into a USB 3.0 port sometimes they act up when trying to downgrade to a slower speed

Yes, I hade a same idea before, so I tried all the USB ports, but the result is still the same…

The pre loader driver will only load for a few seconds no matter what you do. It’s designed to be that way. It’s only ever needed for flashing firmware and the device has to be powered off to be able to make use of it.

The driver for mtk tools is a different driver to the pre-loader and should be a more generic driver. SP Tools is the only software to really make use of the pre-loader driver.
Search google for MTK tool driver install. The drivers on this forum are mainly for SP tool.

Thank you Pablo. Is there any other way to boot into TWRP than MTK tools?

Do you have root already? If so just install mobile uncle from this forum. It has options to boot into recovery.
If not, search google for minimal adb and fastboot. Install it on your pc, enable usb debugging in developer options on your watch and connect to your pc.
Open adb and type - adb reboot recovery.

You should really be researching this information before you make any alterations to your watch. XDA developers is a fantastic source of information for beginners.

Hi Pablo, thanks a lot for your help. Looks like I found the issue. It is the cradle, one of middle pins are much shorter. Is it possible to but the cradle somewhere?

Try pushing that pin up and down to dislodge any dirt stuck around the pin. You could also take it apart and clean it or push the pin gently back up. The 4 screws are under the rubber ring on the bottom. There is a video or thread where someone was fixing their cradle.
Or buy a new one, they are available.

I’ve mentioned this before, but try turning the cradle upside down and banging on a desk. That shocks the pins to full length. When you connect the watch, most of the time all pins connect and you get what you want. Not the best fix, but when you’re stuck, it’s an option.