Hello Guys, I have just designed a clock skin,

Hello Guys, I have just designed a clock skin, can you guy help me to solve the question that, I have the RED ARROW to point out the HOUR and MINUTE, How can I move it??? or my design is impossible to do?


the only way you can do is with lot photoshop skills

Reading the time on this watch would be extremely difficult - arrows are very small.

Yes. It’s possible to do with image arrays.


i cant find image arrays in the clockskinmaker, where can I find it T>T @Alessandro Domingos

Well, I haven’t used clockskinmaker yet, so I cannot help you with that question, sorry.
What I can say is that for the hours it’s relatively easy and you can accomplish it with 2 arrays (one for 01 to 09 positions and another for 10 to 12).
For the minutes it’s a much more complex challenge, and you will need to play with arrays and masks. Maybe a mix using hands and masks could do the job easier.

may I ask what do you use to create the skin