Hello great watch face gurus :),

Hello great watch face gurus :), can somebody tell me how i can add in ClockSkinMaker in the toolbox section, an analog monthday, something like “rotate_monthday” from 1 to 31? to use it for something like this:


There is no rotate_monthday option. It is necessary to use pictures of hands and mask them by pictures of background. Look at for example my watch face: Inloggen - Google Accounts
You should use two “array_day” - one with hands and second with masks.

@Jacek_Klodzinski i know that there is no “rotate_monthday” option, i was wondering if it cand be added somehow.
The way you explained it’s toooo much work, there has to be an easier way to have this option.

@Cristea-Antoniu_Crac CSM and guides are here http://roundandroidwatches.proboards.com/board/15/custom-faces-developement-guides

There is a “how to” here from one of the pioneers of this technique. Iv’e been studying it as well. This person boiled it down to fewer layers to accomplish the illusion. Check it out, very informative if I do say so myself. Clever dude.