Hello friends, greetings to all

Hello friends, greetings to all … Would anyone know how to do this? You are the best at making faces :clap:

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Nice one.
I can give it a try

Thank you… I think it would look very nice in a black Watch

Here it is…Request by Toni González Mansilla A Chinese Fake Ferrari Watch ;-) Made 100% in

Hi could you please post the link here… The one here still is on Google+ thanks. Its a really cool watch face

post the link or update

good evening, does anyone have a new link?

we have a pretty good search function:-Request by Toni González Mansilla A Chinese Fake Ferrari Watch ;-) Made 100% in

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maybe I explained myself wrong…
that link doesn’t work, I was wondering if anyone knows a working link.
unfortunately all Bert_van_de_Bovenkamp links are no longer active

I tested it before I linked it. It works.

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you probably have a different link because this is a dice that was declared by the owner


for the next time, it will be easier to understand for the rest of us if you post in the same thread as the link that you want replaced, or if the not working link is on another site, you can specify that

in the following thread someone complained on a link that wasn’t working: Why cannot modified the LEM10's system.img? It took five months before I got to understand that the link that wasn’t working wasn’t the one posted earlier in the thread, but a link on the site the first link linked to


You are using the right link. To download it, you have to click this button:

Believe me, it works.

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Once you click on the link, for a few seconds before the page loads completely, you get the download button. You can click on it and download it. I tried it just now and it worked. Check the below screenshot:

@G1NT0N1C you cannot download it on PC [I haven’t tried it on any other device] once the page is loaded completely. You get the following message without any download link:



I checked it on PC. You are right, and your workarround works like charme. I can download it without any problems on my mobile, but PC is tricky in this case.


luckily it’s not just my problem … ok thanks i will do as you said … I was afraid of being the incapable one :sweat_smile:

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If you want here’s a reupload link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zIPaBxjN6vY3-6wd7jep6ek_dnz_jGKD


the problem is that many Bert_van_de_Bovenkamp links are like this or are from google +.
it’s a shame because many are really beautiful.

thanks for the new link, this works perfectly

in my case it’s definitely no more than a single second

Since it worked flawlessly for G1N on his mobile, I tried to just change the address from drive.google… to m.drive.google… and it worked, the download button doesn’t go away


Brilliant trick.