Hello Folks! I was thinking...

Hello Folks!

I was thinking… I have been remembering about my last full android smartwatch. It was the SmartQ Z1. When it was realased it was the first full android Smartwatch and was amazing…

The thing is… 3 years later we have a much better full android smartwatch but the companion feature of this is a shame…

I know that its a huge work but I would like to know if there would be any option of porting the “companion app” of that Rom to ours.

It has Notification feature (just read, but you can read any whastapp and the full text), Camera remote, music remote, phone locator, wheather remote, etc

In addittion, that rom was very nice and usefull because it had the posibility to add any widget and the interface was very simple and useful.

I provide you with one of the roms and the Companion App (phone app) of that watch…


ROM: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/...14)/update.zip
APP: http://d2.smartdevice.com.cn/files/z_2.0.4.apk

To know what I’m talking about:

hey, does the app allow you to answer calls from the watch?

Not to talk through the watch but you can take the talk or reject it.

ok, thanks:)