Hello everyone noobie here.

Hello everyone noobie here. Can you please help me, my finow x5 bt is not working properly and it wont connect with my mobile phone. it says cannot communicate with the device.and im having x5 and x5-nc on the selection for bt devices that are available to connect with. Is there any updates for this?

it did’nt pair? it does’nt connect like headset they just pair and you need an app to connect them for notifications.

Nope its not working at all.i comes with the watch helper already installed on my x5 and donwloaded also for my http://mobile.it is already paired but the problem it wont connect.everytime i select the device it just go back from previous screen but ask me again to select.

It doesn’t connect via the Watch Helper?

Yes that is the problem i’ve tried to unpair and pair and even tried to uninstall it from my phone and install it again.and also tried to flash it but still same thing happens.

I think the problem is with the app and not the watch, try M2D or pushbullet v16.1 not the latest on the Google play store it doesn’t work. With M2D you can reply to some apps

I’ve tried the m2d and it works for the test msg. And after that didnt recv any notifications