Hello everyone. I bought the x3 plus smartwatch and after a short use I

Hello everyone.
I bought the x3 plus smartwatch and after a short use I realized that he had a number of problems:

  1. Disconnect the wifi when the clock goes to sleep.
  2. Many of bluetooth disconnections.
  3. The heart rate monitor does not work.

Can anyone help me with these problems?

To fix wifi problem just download settings search from the play store. In settings search - wifi ip - keep wifi on during sleep - only when plugged in. Turn device off and on. Then go back to settings search and select always option at keep wifi on. Your wifi should work even when device sleeps

Thank you . But still the wifi disconnects

You can also try selecting always option a couple of times. Worked for me. Hope you find a solution

היי שרון:)

  1. go to settings -power saving and move all marks, that way the watch wo’nt go to sleep when the screen is off.
  2. use M2D for notification and you also be able to reply better than Watch Helper (phone - sender, watch - reciever and bluetooth for bt).
  3. HR monitor works perfect for me, look for an update that should fix it.


For the bluetooth, I’ve found that when I have the bluetooth connected and make a call, I can hear it ringing in my earphone, but then once the call is connected it switches to speakerphone.

Then I push the button on my bluetooth and it goes through the headset again.

I don’t know if it my headset or the watch, but that is what I found.

@harrypancakes true, with bt headset and M2D you can reply to the call but not through speaker for now:)

Where to install the app m2d

m2d sender on the phone
m2d reciever on the watch
m2d bluetooth on both.
you have to make sure that the passwords you enter on the phone will be the same on the watch.

@sonia_sophie_ataunna ​, as you know, when a call arrives, M2D notifies us and there’s a “end call” button. Does it work for you? Mine doesn’t do anything (I’m on MM rom on my Oneplus one phone).

@Sergio_Guerreiro no, i have’nt tried it, i will and reply, answering calls and sms actually do it on the phone and not through the watch that means that it is possible, hope in the near future:)

The m2d app does not work with all apps that I have a phone that send notification?

Most of them, yes!

@11137 ​​ all of them should work, make sure to mark everything on the sender and you’ll be asked if you want to be notified from this app .

Bluetooth is still a lot of disconnections

If I only use Bluetooth synchronization . I still have the same key of 3g/4g?

Can anyone confirm me that Bluetooth working properly in smart watch x3 plus (Synchronize it with is phone properly).
So I can decide whether to replace it or to demand the money back.

@11137 ​ what do you mean?
I have the x3+ and I have no bt issue or 3g.
I’m using my watch for music with BT headset and for notifications with m2d

My bluetoot disconnection from my phone a lot (0.5 meter and less)

@11137 ​ are you using m2d or the installed app?