Hello Community, I am new to this group here.

Hello Community, I am new to this group here. I just ordered a Look watch. Hopefully it will be delivered in february.

Will try this stuff then here.

Anybody around here who ordered one LK watch too?


I just ordered a microwear h2 for 73 Euro. I hope it will come this month usualy it Needs 2-3 Weeks with Post NL. What is a lookwatch? I just looked for it wow interesting concept nice new possibilities but do you know if it supports ClockSkin folder? Otherwise its not guaranteed that our faces will work with your watch! Greets from Austria!

@Jurgen_Oberst Yes…interesting concept and we cant wait for them, just ordered for the family.

I just want to find out, the CEO let me know, that its possible to install different watch faces…

Hmm…? Would be great from Laipac :slight_smile:

Greetings from Germany

I ordered a Microwear H2 on the december the 28-th. Tracking says that the watch has passed customs in the Netherlands. I reckon it will take one or two days at the most untill delivery.