Hello, Can someone please make these 2 clock-skins?


Can someone please make these 2 clock-skins? They both come pre loaded on the D5 models, but they are not included with the new Finow X3 Plus. Not only are they nice looking but, I’ve found these to be the most energy efficient of all the clock-skins I’ve used.

Also I wanted to share a very good app for saving battery life, memory boost and cleaning junk. I’ve tried many of these apps and this one is by far the best I’ve found. It really works well on the Finow X3 Plus.

Super Booster - Clean & Boost



Here for you:

Thanks so much, please forward me your paypal link. I’d like to make a donation for your time.

Thank you, please donate to the community instead, I’ll be more than happy for that.

will do, thanks again