Hello and Merry Christmas to everyone.

Hello and Merry Christmas to everyone. I have just discovered this forum and I’m really glad for it. I bought a H1 Smartwatch, with MTK6572 (like No.1 D7 and others) with FunFit App. I have installed one clockskin in the way that you perfectly explain (creating the new folder in the watch and extracting the file in it) but there is no option “to activate” any extra skin. As we can see in the YT video, there is a “+” symbol at the end of the installed skins slider, but this option is not available in my watch. Please, any idea of how can I do it? Thanks in advance!!! :slight_smile:

It does not work for the H1
Go and sign up here and then click on this link again - you need @Eric_Crochemore launcher

Thanks a lot Pablo!!! I will try it and I will tell you back

It works!!! Now I have to learn how to create new skins… Thanks a lot and Happy New Year!! :slight_smile: