Hello all. I want to share with you how i set up my d5+.

Hello all. I want to share with you how i set up my d5+.
The launcher used is Next Launcher.
What can you do with this:
with a gesture up we have a small menu (picture 1)
At Preferinces>Gesture Settings>swipe down> i use app drawer(all aps)(picture 2)
Home Button(the only button of watch)>Application>myclockskin standalone app
Double tap>shortcut>bluetooth menu
In picture 3 is Next Switch Widget wich is full screen with help of mobizen mirroring.
Picture 4 extended next widget…you can arrange by long press on buttons.
Picture 5 is sound menu from next widget.
Picture 6 is one of the pages of launcher arranged manually.
Picture 7 top is Notify! Widget for notifications
Picture 8 is Easy Settings Widget
Pictures 9,10,11,12 extended easy settings widget.
For short:
Next Launcher
Next Switch Widget
myClockSkin Standalone App (Eric’s standalone app)
Notify! Widget
Easy Settings Widget.

Someone know how to toggle the acual notification bar ?

What about battery drain? Have you noticed any differences?

It is to soon to pull a conclusion. Actually i have this smarwatch for one week so is hard. Maybe you have more experience and can compare this pictures.

missing/deleted image from Google+

missing/deleted image from Google+

Display consumption is because i play with him a lot.
missing/deleted image from Google+

i noticed dramatic battery consumption with just a single app called assistive touch that drained 12% of my battery in 30 minutes. That’s why im saying that maybe those apps are while youre home and the watch is docked

I will come back with conclusion.
Who knows why is so much consuption in idle? Stock or with this is same consumption.

Does it work on the d5 not d5+ ?

This is d5+ and it works for android smartwatch.

Nice and with the standalone App you still have the accelerometer features of some skins…

@Eric_Crochemore can i found a list of commands for clockskin engine please?

@Lucian_Adrian_Enache it’s better to use the clockskinmaker application, but you can use the search in the pro forum and also here to find complete description.

@Eric_Crochemore Thank you for answer. I think i read almost everything on proboards. So…what is in clockskinmaker and what have you posted when you released the launcher, is all?

@Lucian_Adrian_Enache If you already read everything about clockskin then what is your question ?

@Eric_Crochemore Sorry but my english stops me to express clear. Your launcher and standalone app can manage .watch(some) and .zip files. I want to know what exactly works from watchmaker.

See first post of the app for watchmaker compatibility list and best is to try it.