hello all i received my new finow X5 plus today,

hello all

i received my new finow X5 plus today, and i would like to know if i must modifie firmware before put a new watchface. i remember in my first X5 a tuto who make me modification in my watch before put watchface (if i didn’t do that an error with watch face could braek watch.

do you if it’s the same with the X5 plus and could you tell me what i must to do befor.

thanks and sorry for my english

You do not need to modify firmware before adding watch faces to the X5 Plus. All you need to do is create a folder called “ClockSkin” in the main directory.Then you simply drop the watchface folder contain the files of the watch you select into the “clockSkin” folder.

In order to avoid “breaking the watch” you need to download “settings search” app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.katzoft.settings.search.full&hl=en ). To avoid breaking the watch It’s important that each time you install a new watchface that you go to settings search… then go to applications , then locate the “launcher” app and then hit the “clear data” option which will clear out any bad data in the launcher. Make sure you make a habit of doing this every time you add a new watchface. I suggest that you always clear data IMMEDIATELY after adding each watchface , so that you don’t forget like I have in the past :). Remember DO NOT reboot the watch before clearing the launcher after adding a new watchface.

All I did is update OTA latest firmware and reset watch. Connected to PC and added folder ClockSkin at root, added chosen skin folders and they showed up straight away on watch.
This what you mean?

Edit. Looks like we posted at the same. Didn’t know about the clear data thing when adding watch faces though. Ta

thank you verry much for you answer, i will do that.

I’m sorry but i search again and again and i can’t find clear data, could you tell me where is it thanks and sorry again

I NEVER do “clear data” after/before putting/deleting watchfaces from my X5+ or use search app, and everything works without problems. For what this "“spells” ?

@A1_Web ​ First I put it in the folder and then I clean the laucher? Or put it in the reboot folder and then clean the laucher?