Hello again :) This time i made a relatively simple (and cheap) one -

Hello again :slight_smile:

This time i made a relatively simple (and cheap) one - the TEVISE 8378 Automatic Mechanical Watch from Gearbest, which i ordered last year…
As i think, the brand “TEVISE” belongs to some chinese company (maybe Gearbest) i´ll post the link to their shop:
Modifications made by me: Maik Dahles aka MD…Sign

The original watch features a “so called Tourbillion” - in fact it´s a balance spring and not a tourbillion…
I tried to simulate the spinning and turning round thing, but ended just with a rotating one…
If anyone out there knows how to simulate a balance spring “correct” - i would be happy to know :slight_smile:

The other elements are relatively basic:

  • hour, minute and second-hands do what they´re supposed to to
  • subdials show 12 and 24-hour hands (maybe i´ll change that later to day and month or something else)

The “1000” at 12 position was replaced with a “hour-minute array” with numbers matching the original font.

Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2RpFH6txNYGM3dyUG9rVGdpTmM

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

Have fun!


fantastic, thank`s

I saw the original watch. The 12 o’clock change to digital time is very clever!