Hello again, I don't know if you saw my previous post but now it

Hello again, I don’t know if you saw my previous post but now it got worse.
I left my D5 charging over night and today when I woke up I noticed something different, the watch was cold, it didn’t even warm up a little bit, and it wouldn’t turn on, even plugged in.

I decided to flash my device with the newest software, so I looked up on YouTube for a flashing video and I followed all the steps to install the drivers, but when I plugged my watch to the PC, it didn’t recognize it and my watch won’t do anything. It’s completely dead. What can I do now??

I uploaded a video showing my case. Thank you very much.


I think you must have flashed the pre-loader as well or selected upgrade in SP Tools. This is something I always say " Don’t do it !!" because you end up in trouble.