Heart rate sensor issue

ive been using the kospet for quite a while and i truly love it. However i noticed that the heart rate monitor acts differently. sometimes when i am just chilling and take a reading it shows my heart beat is 120 bpm. so im curious is the heart rate monitor legit cuz honestly at this price point i dont trust it but however unlike other scammy fitness bands like my brothers honor 3 band which gets a reading on my towel stand,this watch is able to detect my hand and flickers when nothing is there.so are the readings accurate?

Depends what you call accurate . The primes HRM works pretty well but obviously not as accuate as a £ 400 watch . I find it more than safisfactory . A few things can alter the readings

Tightness of strap
Skin colour ( which is being addressed now )
Arm hair

I would suggest updating to the latest firmware then performing a full factory reset

im as hairy as a chimpanzee so i guess thats the case. Thanks for the fast reply.

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:joy::joy: fair enough

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