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i read a few days ago about a andriod smartwatch that will have a 10 firmware installed that will be coming soon and my question is will that andriod 10 be a firmware update to replace the 7.1 in the lemfo lemt smartwatches also?

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No, this won’t happen. But maybe some thing from the open watch project. Not sure.

We (the OpenWatch Project team) will definetly release an Android 10 firmware for the LEMT, it’s just that we can’t really guarantee when this will happen.

We’re working on our favourite watches first (round C7S ones)


Will the Kronos Blade Genesis be supported?
Thanks for any reply.

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Sir, what about Kospet hope ? Will it get android 10 ?

Yes, Kospet Hope, LEM8, LEM12 and a few more are already mostly working.


I’m not sure about the Genesis, I don’t think any of us have it, but it might already work since most watches are identical internally.

The problem with the Genesis lies in the unusual display (and also the unique touchscreen).
I prepared a prebuilt kernel, that has not been tested yet.

Thank you iscle , you have saved old, reliable and good Kospet Hope.:+1: