Have a look around and leave any feedback



Just got into this today. Please feel free to play around and check out what it is capable of.
I’m interested in what you think about this as a suitable home for our stuff.

Another development is a great piece of work for our considerably large firmware collection.
Iscle (from the Openwatch team) has been working on a front-end interface for our firmware library.
It looks really good :+1:

Anyway, it’s gone 12.30am here and I’m falling asleep but I’ll have a better look around in the morning.
Pablo. :+1:

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Waiting for some GOD mode to look behind the scene.

Sneak peek of the firmware manager :slight_smile: That is the admin board, the user “read-only” UI is not done yet, I’ll try to finish it this week.

All suggestions are welcome!

Maybe we need to distinguish between several version of the same watch. I mean when there’s different screen version. It could be in the “Device” or “Version” or a new column like “Device Sub Type”.
What do you think ?

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Hm, I thought we could just put the CPU variant in the device name itself, like in the picture: “LEM7 (MT6737)” and “LEM7 (MT6739)” for example. But I can add a device variant that shows up dynamically only if that specific device has sub-type, so that users don’t get confused unnecessarily.

Anyway, I’ll implement it and then we can decide if we keep it or roll it back.


This is coming along really well :slight_smile:
Thanks so much Iscle.:+1::handshake:
I’m having second thoughts about using Google as backend storage. Just because they can block stuff they don’t like and block links etc …
The friend who is helping with the hosting is also able to supply storage but I need to know what limitations your interface has (if any) about choice of storage provider?
I’m thinking of opening a chat on Hangouts for the migration activities.
What do you think?

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Yes a chat is ok.
I’ve used my new powers to play with the site Theme.
We can do a lot of things.
I’ve put some icon buttons on the header for our YT channel and partner site.
What do you think ?
G1NT0N1C feel free to help… :grinning:

Yep, a chat would be perfect!

As for my interface, there really aren’t any limitations for storage, as long as there is an API which I can call to upload and download a file. Just tell me what you want to use and I’ll change it. As everything is stored in a database, I will only need to change the function that downloads the specific file, so not a lot of work :slight_smile:

This is starting to look great.
Thanks Eric and G1N T0N1C for the artwork :+1::+1::+1:
Next I’m looking at bringing Discord into the mix for the G+ migration. It will also be under this domain hopefully.
As for the storage - I’m working on it.
Should know fairly soon.


Love the firmware manager preview. Looks good:)

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Welcome Adrian my friend :slight_smile:
I was going to send you an invite when we had moved on a bit but here you are :slight_smile:
Did one of the team send you an invite?
Glad you are here to join us.
I am going to use Discord for the G+ Community migration. I am carefully pulling all the data from the last 3.5 years.
Discord seems to be a better conversation style replacement for the community.
This Discourse forum will be where we move the support forum to.
Everything will come under the fullandroidwatch.com domain that we have for our new home .
If you are interested in bringing your community here as we discussed before - it would be great :+1:

I have tested the send test Mail in settings and it sends nohing. In fact i’m not notified of anything. Are we sure the mail setting is correct ?