Has anyone got a Kingwear Kw88?

Has anyone got a Kingwear Kw88?

Yes I have one…Questions?

Hi, I’ve just purchased one it hasn’t arrived yet, (kinda excited) I wanted to know isit like a normal standard size watch I mean the straps because I have a small wrist?

Yes I would say that the strap are standard. I don’t know the exact size, but the strap is not any bigger then any then other wathces I own.

I think it should be fine then, thankyou and how is the experience on kw88 isit alot customisable like watch faces and also I’m sure I can get notification through Bluetooth for whatsapp, texts and Facebook?

it feels just like any other sport watch. i love mine, i recieved mine a week ago.

@Bogdan_Anghel ​ that sounds amazing, could you do me a favour and test your Smartwatch via Bluetooth from your smartphone and see if you get sms notification and also social apps aswell please and reply if they work or upload a video if you can please

yes, i do get notifications, sms, whatsapp, and phone, the rest of them i turned off.

Do you get them through Bluetooth? @Bogdan_Anghel

yes, through bluetooth with sinwear app.

but i cannot reply to my SMS, only read. i did not try this with other connectivity apps, only with sinwear.

Right thanks and there must be a way to reply as well iguess @Bogdan_Anghel