Has anybody tried this app on their watch?

Has anybody tried this app on their watch? You can install it on both you phone and watch then link via bluetooth. Have been running it on my phone and it seems like a decent launcher replacement for watches with a pretty great clock engine and push notification support.


There is a lot posted on this, including a look at power usage, setup, etc. If not here, check the D5 XDA Forum, especially posts by soniasophie9697: http://forum.xda-developers.com/smartwatch/other-smartwatches/smart-watch-android-watch-to-look-1-d5-t3270656

I’ve just read through that. It’s a shame the app was discontinued in 2014, could have been really great.

Is this ok with finow x5?

@Jake_Mendoza yes, but M2D allows you to reply to some apps so it is a better choice.

Thanks @sonia_sophie_ataunna ​. Goin to try it out later.

@Jake_Mendoza gladly if you have any problems ask freely:)

So if i use M2D i will able to respond from my watch to message ?

hi everybody,
I have used it with a D5 and it works well, all apps work, i just failed to used remote camera.
Perhaps, i have done a bad configuration, but the battery of te D5 and my smartphone (onplus one) have short life with this app.
(sorry for my english, i’m french)