Harry Winston Opus 6

The 6th (2006) annual version of the Harry Winston Opus collaborative series, the Opus 6, was a collaboration between Harry Winston and Greubel Forsey. I’ve added a (redundant but sometimes helpful) digital time display.
Harry Winston Opus 6 WFD Clockskin Animation
Credit: Harry Winston

The real watch:

Download Clockskin Zip File: Harry Winston Opus 6 Clockskin (WFD “enhanced clockskin” format)

My other Harry Winston Opus Series clockskins:

Here are videos of all of my Harry Winston Opus series watch faces (.watch versions) in action.


Great wor as usual. Thank you for sharing. I hope to will find some time for watchfaces in the next weeks, too.

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Thanks @G1NT0N1C. I look forward to seeing your new creations!

Very nice.!
Thanks for sharing :+1::ok_hand:

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