Hard reset lemfo lemp 4gb 64gb

my lemfo lemp watch stopped working, it starts but cannot load the system, it does not allow access to the menu to perform a factory reset, help me please, how can I do a hard reset to access the boot menu?, the watch has I liked it a lot in the short time I was able to use it. Help me please…greetings from Colombia

first of all keep both buttons pressed until the watch restarts. Sometimes this is enough. If it doesn’t help: wait until the watch has completely drained itself. Then load it and check if the problem is solved. If that doesn’t help either, flashing the firmware can probably fix it. We will guide you through this process should the need arise.

fantastic I shall drain the battery and see if not please I will need help to flash the FW
dude u have saved me a heart attack…lol brand new watch just abt bricked!

Hello everyone from Colombia, I tell you that it did not work, the clock does not allow access to the configuration menus, nor does it access the boot menu when pressing the two buttons at the same time. I am sad because the watch is new and it hasn’t been a week and it doesn’t work anymore. I wonder if any of you know the correct key combination to access the boot menu and apply a factory reset. Thanks

Flashing will be very difficult

If after draining battery it wont work i would return it