Hard/Factory Reset

I can’t access to my watch anymore, do you know how to hard reset the LEM12 to restore the factory settings?

You can flash the FW instead.

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I saw in the hold models you just needed to switch it off and hold the back button to start the factory reset, but it doesn’t work on this model. How can I flash the firmware? Where I can find the sorftware and the firmware?

In the official website I found the software, but there isn’t any firmware for the LEM12

Try using our search function


There is no search function, if I’m in the right website, but with this brand I doubt. Anyway thank you very much, I’ve installed the one you sent me and it works fine now!!!

This is the right site for Lemfo technical support and the search function is very easy to use


can someone help my, i forget the pattern lock. now i cant get in to menu. only last watch face
i’m just user not familiar to rooting etc


Hi . The only way you can fix this is by flashing the firmware .

Read this


thanks a lot
i will learn first :slight_smile:

Use this newer version of LEM 12 FW - 1.3
It has google issues fixed.

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where i can find mtk driver for windows?

I was sure the drivers are in the tutorial file ? I could be wrong . Its been a while

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@gayeel They are attached to various topics but here is a link:

in my experience, flashing works perfectly without the drivers as well, at least on windows 10

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you right, in the flash file already have driver installer

thanks a lot, now i can use my watch again

from Indonesia

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I’m glad to know its still there :sweat_smile::+1: . Good to hear we got you going again

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