Happy New Year!!! To help start off 2017 with a bang we have a

Happy New Year!!!

To help start off 2017 with a bang we have a couple of announcements to make.

Watchfaces on WatchAWear
In partnership with @Terry_Zahn of WatchAWear, we are happy to announce the Android Smartwatch face section. This new WatchAWear section is where creations by RASC founder Lokifish Marz will be released in the coming weeks. The new section is only accessible to WatchAWear members only. So be sure to sign up today!

We also kindly suggest that folks start releasing their faces in the new section on WatchAWear. Once the WatchAWear app is released, it will allow for direct download of faces to the watch using an easy to use app. How cool is that!

RASC Firmware Archive
Today we also announce the RASC Firmware Archive. It is the single largest collection of firmware for round Android smartwatches anywhere and is maintained by the RASC moderators themselves.

WatchAWear - http://watchawear.com

RASC Firmware Archive - https://goo.gl/xWe33f

So from the RASC Moderators, HAPPY 2017!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Really awesome news to start 2017 with! Looking forward to this…

Waiting for a review eagerly

Very good news @Lokifish_Marz !
So what will be the best format to use for next watchface releases?
1- The “old buggy” clockskin format
2- The “incomplete” .watch format
3- (My favourite) The “to be defined” clockskin 2.0 format which fixes and extends the stock clockskin format.
The latter should be an open format which will be hopefully supported by @Eric_Crochemore launcher and by +Ricardo Romero ClockSkinMaker

Just for clarification and being new to smartwatches, Watchawear is for Android Wear only. Not for D5 X5 etc?

@Keato_Hound yes it’s for Android wear and tizen but that’s about to change and android watches (not Android wear) will have a section specifically for it as well.

Ok good to know. Thnx for confirming.

what is this? can you make video about it?

he truth is excellent news, and beginning the YEAR 2017, “on android watches”. And waiting for more news, “HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL” and thanks to ERIC for his work.
Note: LEM3 is the same as zeblaze bliz? Since only 2 or 3 law that yes. But not at all and I do not see in the firmware list said model. Do not modify anything to my mind for doing something wrong.

Can you tell us how to navigate this site to have the right face for kw88 or it are all compatible. Thank you for your time good day

@Ciro_Danise Hello Ciro, Can you help me understand how will we access the watch faces on our Android watches using this new format via WatchAWear? Will the downloaded watchfaces appear in the same section where all of our current watch faces are? or will we need to access these newly downloaded faces via each individual app (watchface) we download. I’m just trying to understand what will change regarding how we access the WatchAWear faces on our android watches. Thanks.

@A1_Web ​ you can just download a .watch file and put it in the usual ClockSkin folder, if you have the @Eric_Crochemore ​’s launcher

@Lokifish_Marz truly excellent work mate.

@Lokifish_Marz thanks

@Ciro_Danise thanks

Is the app available on google play?